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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the central valley up all night again. they are working to prevent damage to the multi-million dollar citrus crop. temperatures in the valley have been below freezing most of the night. the growers spent thousands of dollars each night to keep their citrus from freezing. >> you go out and check your temperatures, thermometers, seeing what time it is, estimating durations, estimating lower temperatures. >> he uses water and wind machines to help prevent freeze damage. he also burns peach pits to keep his groves from freezing. >> you might want to put your furnace on, too, because it is chilly. let's check in with roberta and find out how cold, how long, and happy new year. that's really some great advice there, frank. i haven't turned on my furnace yet so really the cold kept me up last night. might have done the same for you because it's more of a widespread freeze this morning. more areas are finding temperatures under that freezing point like livermore, pleasanton, san ramon, danville, blackhawk, backing
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all the way into walnut creek this morning at 29 degrees. it is freezing in san jose. it's 32 degrees in mountain view. and in the 40s across the bay. upper 30s at sfo. 29 degrees at this hour in napa, sonoma and glen ellen. 29 also in vallejo. and it's in the upper 20s around guerneville, occidental and in santa rosa. and this is why. the second straight day we are urged a freeze warning. all that red highlighted areas and then the blue indicates that we have a frost advisory in effect. bottom line is you will find some areas of patchy fog heading out the door and that warning and advisory is in effect until 9 a.m. and in addition to that, we have a "spare the air" day. no burning allowed today. no fireplaces going this morning. right now, when you look at gradual warming for the weekend, today's temperatures couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. in the 50s across the board. the winds are pretty much nonexistent out of the northwest. "spare the air" day today, i do assume we'll have a "spare the
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air" on saturday and sunday. next chance of rain returning to the bay area for the first time this year will be on thursday. here's elizabeth with traffic. thank you, roberta. you need those seat warmers in the cars today. you may see a lot of no problems on the traffic crawl at the bottom of the screen. that's definitely the case. there's a lot of no problems out there on a lot of bay area roads. a few earlier stalls. here's a live look at the nimitz in oakland. if you are heading to oakland airport you shouldn't have a problem getting there. headlights heading southbound continues to look like that to hayward. sometimes a slight delay in the approach to the san mateo bridge. not this morning. looks like everyone has the day off. a lot of people do. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. four southbound lanes open now in the commute direction out of sausalito. richmond/san rafael bridge is holding steady, as well. we saw a few slight delays earlier in the cash lanes. that's no longer the case. and no metering lights at the bay bridge. this is probably the biggest difference around the bay area so i doubt they will even have to turn on the metering lights at all this morning. it really would probably be an accident or something like that why they would have to turn
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them on. in the meantime, no problems heading into san francisco. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. some drivers in the north bay have been taking a dangerous shortcut and the way they are doing it putting other drivers at risk of going over a cliff. recent storms washed out a section of highway 1 in marin county and kpix 55's sharon chin takes us there. it's a story you'll only see on channel 5. reporter: the sign says road closed. but some people ignore it. so you've seen people drive -- >> just right now a guy's driving through. >> reporter: and john seller can see why. the detour to muir beach can add up to 20 minutes travel time. >> oh, i have never in 25 years seen that many cars on that road. so if i'm this guy from muir beach and i'm familiar, i'm probably doing what he just did even though i was giving him the business. >> reporter: but driver, beware. the chp says on the surface, it looks like this road is safe. but what you don't see is that underneath, a big chunk of the ground has washed away so if you go down, your roll down the cliff. it's not worth the risk if you
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ask muir beach restaurant manager damien hall. >> the way that the foundation of the road came out, it's not going to take a big vehicle to knock that road out. >> reporter: kind of scary. >> it's very scary. >> reporter: the problem isn't just drivers bypassing roadblocks. when they move the barricades, they often don't put them back. so unsuspecting motorists like this woman drive through thinking they're safe. >> it was only on one side of the road. so just like that lane was closed. now we're kind of trapped. >> reporter: her passenger had to move the barrier. half an hour later, another car same problem. >> they need to put caution tape up. >> reporter: caltrans said it may not repair and re-open the washed out highway section until spring. the chp says drivers caught going through a road closure could be cited for up to $400. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> we called caltrans to ask what they are doing to keep people from removing that barrier. and we haven't yet heard back.
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and a reminder for north bay drivers. the golden gate bridge is going to be closed next weekend. the bridge will shut down friday night january 9 at midnight. scheduled to re-open monday morning for the commute january 12 at 4 a.m. during that time crews will install a movable median barrier to prevent head-on collisions on the bridge. golden gate transit buses will be allowed to use the bridge operating on a regular weekend schedule. the district will expand its ferry service, too, from larkspur during the closure. and the sausalito ferry will also run on its regular weekend schedule. for those who still want to drive between marin and san francisco, you have to go around using the richmond bridge and then pick up the bay bridge to get into the city. police in east palo alto are trying to find the person who opened fire on officers early yesterday morning. they spent yesterday searching the area of the shooting. late last night, they did find a rifle in a backyard. they are now checking to see if it is the one that was used
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against the officers. bullets hit several cars and entered at least one house. >> the window through curtain all the way through to here, okay? my son, who is hiding from the camera, was sitting here. so he ducked down when it happened, to this wall where it ended up. >> nobody was hit by any of the gunfire. meanwhile, south san francisco police have a man for a similar case unarrest. they arrested him yesterday morning. 23-year-old ivan gomez accused of firing on two police officers. police fired back but nobody was hurt in the exchange. officers arrested him a few hours later. he is now charged with attempted murder of two police officers. fewer people murdered in richmond last year than any year since the city began keeping records? >> there were 11 homicides in richmond in 2014 the lowest total since 1971 when records started to be kept. there were 16 murders in the
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city in 2013. richmond's most violent year was 1990 when 62 people were killed in criminal acts. oakland had its first homicide of the year on new year's day. it happened around 1:0 yesterday afternoon at the valero gas station near 73rd and bancroft. police found a victim with gunshot wounds to the chest. oakland is another city that saw a drop in its murder rate in 2014. it is day 2 on the job for sam liccardo. he started right away on new year's day that was his first official day as mayor of san jose. and he spent part of the day touring the boccardo reception center. it's one of the valley's last remaining cold weather shelters. before that he went on a ride- along with san jose police officers in the early-morning hours after the new year began. >> we know that they have been understaffed and they are husbandle hadding hard to try to get to all those calls and it's -- hustling hard to try to get to all those calls and it's important for me to see it first time. >> the disagreements between liccardo and the cops is because of pension reform.
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he is the 65th mayor of san jose replacing chuck reed who was termed out after 8 years in office. some developing news now in the southeast. today search crews retrieved 21 more bodies all victims from the airasia flight that crashed into the java sea last sunday. that brings the total number found now to 30. tara mergener has more now on the recovery efforts. reporter: more victims. sunday's doomed airasia flight were pulled from the java sea today. some have already been identified and returned to their families. indonesian investigators say they believe many may still be strapped in their seats in the plane's fuselage. searchers also found more pieces of the airliner. several more ships and planes with metal detectors and sensitive listening equipment are helping in the recovery mission. crews will step up their efforts when weather allows. they are scouring an 8300 square mile area. the airasia flight crashed into the java sea early sunday with 62 aboard. it was on a two-hour flight
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from surabaya to singapore when it disappeared to radar halfway into the trip. the first identified victim of the crash a 49-year-old woman was quickly buried thursday in keeping with muslim tradition. 200 muslims led a prayer session for the airasia victims in this mosque near where the recovered bodies are being kept. friday is the holiest day of the week for muslims. drizzle and light cloud covered the search area today but high waves and strong winds are forecast through sunday. strong currents are moving the debris making the search difficult. investigators admit they are in a race against time. the longer the search takes the more bodies will decompose and the farther debris will drift away. tara mergener for cbs news. >> divers have not been able to go into the sea because of choppy conditions there. so far, there have been no signs as well of the plane's flight data and cockpit voice record. in china critics are blaming the city of shanghai for a new year's eve stampede
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that killed 36 people and injured 49 others. they say city officials failed to prepare because they believe the crowd would be smaller since a midnight light show was scaled down and also moved to a different location. many of the grieving relatives say they have yet to speak with senior city officials. 6:10 on your friday morning. quite a story here. a turning point for one man, the mystery object doctors removed from his body 50 years after a car crash. >> plus, new hopes for a season of drought. why our year-to-year comparison shows an uphill climb. >> and from the kpix 5 weather center, we have a freeze warning, a frost advisory and it is a "spare the air" day all today. plus, everything you need to know about your weekend forecast. >> and on this "spare the air" day, you are encouraged to avoid the roads as well, ride mass transit instead. and everything is pretty much on time. there is no "ace" train service, however. if you are taking a check of the roads, we'll help you out after this break. we also want we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing
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or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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good morning on this friday morning. we go 30 miles north of san francisco. in novato we have frost on the windshields. the current air temperature right there is 32 degrees and we have a freeze warning inland and frost advisory along the bayside. this will expire at 9 a.m. another cold start to a day that tops off in the 50s. >> surfers are on call to come to mavericks at any time on the san mateo county coast. organizers are waiting for the right conditions sometime in the next three-month period.
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weather and wave models are carefully watched. and when the call goes out, 24 of the world's best wave riders will all come to half moon bay. it was nice while it lasted. but now gas prices are going up around the bay area. a new "cap and trade" surcharge took effect yesterday on all gas sales to wholesalers and that cost is being passed on to us. we have seen a jump of at least 8 cents per gallon. the new surcharge is supposed to help reduce pollution. here's a story for you. a missouri man who stopped ignoring signals went to the doctors found out doctors missed something when he survived a car crash 50 years ago. a 7" turning signal lever. after the crash arthur was having hip trouble so doctors treated that and ignored his arm. it was swollen. after surgery that little piece of metal is what they found
6:16 am
inside the arm. probably explains why he has previously set off a number of metal detectors. >> that's wild. how could they miss that the first time around? >> you have a 7" piece of metal in your arm and you don't know it's in there? that's bizarre. >> missed the signal? who wrote that? >> we quoted it up anyway. i don't know. >> on that note. i guess it's time for traffic what there is out there. you're heading into tahoe, right? >> yes. >> you won't need to pack your chains. no chains are required on interstate 80, highway 50 on 88. but we know conditions can change. you may want to bring them anyway. gosh, track is so quiet. we saw a couple of earlier stalls and that was it out of novato southbound 101 no delay past 37 all the way down into san rafael. if you are hitting the golden gate bridge this is what it looks like right now. we saw some flashing lights northbound earlier. it was nothing. right now out of sausalito no delay into san francisco. if you are continuing down by sfo, obviously things look great near san bruno and millbrae. silicon valley drivers here's a
6:17 am
live look at 880 and 237. all green on our sensors. it's hard to find a yellow sensor out there this morning. and no weather-related advisories for any of our bridges. here's a live look at traffic looking great across the san mateo bridge. it will be about a 13-minute drive time between hayward and foster farms. the right side of your screen is the usual commute direction. and mass transit there are a couple of things to note here. bart and ferries are on a regular schedule and everything is on time. vta is on a regular schedule today but slightly modified. they are offering slightly reduced service because they expect less commuters today and there is no "ace" train service for january 2. everything should be back to normal monday. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." more on your forecast, here's roberta. live kpix weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge this morning, good morning, everyone. we have clear skies winds generally under 10 miles per hour. but where we have winds we have a wind chill like in napa 29 degrees north winds at 9. so therefore the wind chill is 23. that's what it feels like out the door.
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and it is below freezing in concord. it's 29 degrees now in walnut creek. livermore more 31 degrees. it's freezing in san jose. it's in the upper 20s as good as it gets this morning in santa rosa. this is why we have a freeze warning in effect in addition to the frost advisory along the bay. until 9 a.m. this morning. so you will encounter areas of frost out the door. then a slow recovery of our temperatures. we have a dry day and less wind so it is a "spare the air" day. i expect a "spare the air" day to continue all the way through sunday. next chance of rain to wash out the haze will be on thursday. this is our climatology report for january through march outlook. above average rainfall chances. i was looking at the long-range computer models and it suggests that we have at least 10 days of rain in the forecast. the first chance again on thursday. and we need some more rain even though we're doing well, much better than last year at this time as far as our snowpack is
6:19 am
concerned in the northern sierra. last year only 20% of average. we are 56% of average this year. under the influence of a huge dome of high pressure, we have the abundance of sunshine today and slightly warmer temperatures. it's 1 -- one degree above zero in truckee going up to a high today of 49. 51 on the south shore where currently it's 13 degrees. 60 the forecast high with sunshine in monterey bay. our numbers in the 50s today under 60 but by the weekend, we are talking about temperatures approaching the 60s and then monday and tuesday, bona fide warming trend through wednesday mid-60s. and then we increase the cloud cover on wednesday and that will lead to the potential of light rain showers on thursday. gang? >> okay. >> thank you. >> big round of applause. >> all right. thanks, roberta. californians hoping for the best in 2015 as the state continues to deal with that severe drought. you remember the heavy rain we saw last month. but those storms barely put a
6:20 am
dent in the water shortage. at lexington reservoir, south of los gatos, last month's rain brought the water level higher than november but it's just about the same level as it was one year ago. so this uncertainty is cause for concern in the agriculture industry. >> i think initially you're going to see people not plant certain crops for a while and those prices will probably start to escalate. i think you could see dairy products go up. >> the difficult part for farmers is they have to make decisions about planting before they find out what their water allotments are going to be. time now 6:20. apple could be in legal trouble, why they are accused of misleading its customers coming up. hey, good morning, everybody. well, looks like we're down to two college football teams duking it out for the whole enchilada. how did they get there? i'll show you.
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hey, good morning, everybody. the coveted national championship, it's almost here! january 12th. but we got two teams to whittle down to just two settled in the sugar bowl and the rose bowl. first the sugar. those ohio state and these ezekiel elliott, he is gone. they scored 28 unanswered points won the game 42-35 to gain the national final. nick saban had never lost to an urban meyer team until last night. meantime the rose bowl, oh!! oregon ducks on the defense and chasing "jameis winston" of florida state.
6:25 am
lost the football, washington picked it up and he is gone, 58 yards for a touchdown. the oregon ducks, wow, they put 59 on the board. won the game 59-20, five turnovers in 18 minutes. they scored five touchdowns on the strength of each and every one of those turnovers. so it will be oregon against ohio state january 12 in arlington, texas. that, folks, is how they got there. that will do it for sports at this hour. everybody have a great friday. i'll see you around. the pass to magowan who is 6'7", a big boy, 390 pounds, he is an offensive lineman changed his jersey before the play to
6:26 am
be eligible. you don't see that very often. and he is pretty fleet of foot, too. look at that. look what i just did. sorry, though, your baylor bears fell to michigan state in a monster comeback, spartans win the cotton bowl 42-4 41, your play of the day. the bay area waking up to a deep chill. it is 6:26. 29 degrees in walnut creek. we have your complete forecast and much more coming up.
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recent storms putting drivers at risk on a bay area highway. why caltrans says drivers could be going over that cliff.
6:30 am
>> and the search continues for victims from airasia flight 8501. why investigators say they are now in a race against time. >> freeze warning, frost advisory, and now it's a "spare the air" day. we have your complete friday forecast. >> and it's pretty much sums up the morning commute. it is very light right now at the toll plaza. no metering lights. we'll check mass transit coming up. good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 2. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it is 6:30. it is freezing outside. in fact, there's a freeze warning up for much of the bay area. >> chilly start even near the bay. there is a frost advisory with temperatures down into the 30s in a number of places and you might have to spend a little time scraping your windshield before you commute. here's what it looks like in novato with a lot of frost on the car windshield. that looks like a sunroof there. it is the same situation a lot of the bay area this morning. in fact, the freezing weather has kept growers in the central valley up all night once again.
6:31 am
they are working to prevent damage to their multi-million dollar citrus crop. temperatures in the valley have been below freezing most of the night and growers spent thousands of night just to keep their citrus from freezing. >> you go out and you keep checking your temperatures, checking your thermometers, seeing what time it is, estimating durations, estimating lower temperatures. >> citrus growers are using water and wind machines to help prevent freezing damage. they also burned peach pits to keep groves from freezing. whatever you can do to keep it warm. >> peach pits to keep you warm at night, right? [ laughter ] why do i think we are going to see an increase in peaches and citrus fruits in the next month? because temperatures have not been recovering at all. this is the second straight day where we have had numbers dip into the mid-20s. yesterday we saw 27 degrees in sonoma. 27 degrees in gilroy.
6:32 am
and at this hour, we are freezing in san jose, willow glen, almaden valley, cupertino, campbell. it is freezing in mountain view. it is below freezing in throughout the tri-valley from pleasanton through livermore, san ramon, dublin, blackhawk and in danville. it's in the upper 30s in half moon bay streaming into sfo. it's freezing this morning in san rafael. it's cold and 29 degrees in santa rosa. in napa right now we have a northerly wind at 6 miles per hour. you couple that up with the air temperature of 29, it feels like 23 degrees the windchill factor. we have a freeze warning, frost advisory, and a "spare the air" day. we have the full friday forecast coming up. quiet on the roads. if you want to ride mass transit we have schedule adjustments. first no "ace" train service at all today. should be back to normal next week. bart systemwide on time. they are back to a regular schedule. yesterday they were on a sunday schedule. ferries look good and vta is on
6:33 am
a regular schedule but are offering less service. no chains to tahoe. no chains required on interstate 80, highway 50 or 88. conditions change so pack them anyway. in the meantime, this is how you know a lot of people have the day off work. livermore valley 64 miles per hour right now as you approach vasco road. this doesn't happen unless it's unusually quiet. so right now it's only about 14 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. we'll take a check of bay area bridges coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. right now, this is the scene outside a new dmv office in san jose. just moments ago, this is the first day for undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses here in california. and people have been lining up early this morning even in the cold at this facility on center road in san jose. a new state law enables immigrants now to get licenses if they pay a fee, pass a test and provide proper identification from their country of origin. san jose office by the way
6:34 am
opens today at 8:00. the sign on highway 1 says road closed but a lot of people are ignoring it and putting other drivers in danger. the closure between panoramic highway and muir beach is because recent storms have undercut a section of the highway so when people drive over that section, they are coming dangerously close to falling over a cliff. >> the way that the foundation of the road came out, it is net going to take a big vehicle to knock that road out. >> scary. >> it's very scary. >> a lot of drivers are just moving the barricades at the road closure so they can avoid a 20-minute detour but with the barricades down, some drivers have gone through that area without even knowing about the danger. here's a reminder. the golden gate bridge will be closed next weekend. the bridge will close friday night january 9 at midnight. it is set to re-open monday morning january 12 at 4 a.m. during that time, crews will be installing a movable median barrier to prevent head-on collisions on the bridge.
6:35 am
time now 6:34. east palo alto police are trying to find the person who opened fire on officers early yesterday morning on new year's day. they spent the day searching in the area of the shooting. last night they found a rifle in a backyard and are checking to see if it's the same one used to shoot towards police officers. bullets hit one house. >> the window through the curtain all the way through to here, okay, my son, who is hiding from the camera, was sitting here, so he sort of like ducked down when it happened, to this wall where it ended up. >> fortunately nobody was hit by any gunfire. police in livermore have some unusual advice if you have an automatic garage door. grab a ziptie. police posted a video on youtube. burglars are finding ways to disengage the emergency release latch on a door and then open it without power. so using a ziptie secures the
6:36 am
release bracket and it won't ind fear with normal garage door operation. expect to pay more for eggs in the new year. a new law puts stricter requirements on eggs sold in the state of california. they have to come from chickens that are housed in roomier cages in an effort to treat the chickens more humanely. the cost of the new requirements will get passed down to consumers. soda is supposed to be more expensive now in berkeley but the city is still trying to figure out how to enforce its new sugar drink tax. the voter-approved tax was supposed to begin with the new year but this is a first-of-its- kind program, a tax, so there are no logistical blueprints to follow right now. when a plan is eventually established, the distributors will be directly taxed. all or part of the extra cost will be passed on to retailers and finally to the consumers. it is day two for sam liccardo as the 65th mayor of
6:37 am
san jose. he officially took office as the new year began. and as kpix 5's christian hartnett reports, the new mayor did some work on the holiday. reporter: a long night turned know a long first day as mayor. even on a holiday. he is here touring the boccardo reception center shelter, a friendlier crowd than the officers united against him. >> we know that they've been understaffed and they're husbandle hadding hard to try to get to all those calls and it's important for me to see it firsthand. >> reporter: kind words for officers weeks after a stern warning from the union, more officers would quit the department because of his stance on pension reform. >> nothing is going to change. police officers will leave until we fix measure b. >> it never hurts to be able to look and see for yourself what our officers are dealing with on a daily basis. i'll continue to reach out and try to get negotiations moving here. >> reporter: liccardo's critics claim he is taking too much power and turning into a city
6:38 am
hall bully replacing the city manager and appointing an ally to an open city council seat. >> this is not a democratic process. >> reporter: liccardo makes no apologies and says his focus is his work ahead. >> we have to be able to think more creatively and i expect a culture change that this city is going to take to very quickly. we are in the heart of silicon valley. we should act like it. >> reporter: in san jose, christian hartnett, kpix 5. developing news now southeast asia. today the bodies of 21 more victims from airasia flight 8501 were recovered. total number found now is 30. some have already been identified and returned to their families for burial. but investigators say many bodies may still be still be strapped to the seats inside the plane. more ships and planes with metal detectors and listening equipment are now helping in the recovery mission. and it now covers more than 8,000 square miles in the java sea. a new lawsuit says apple's ios 8 operating system takes up too much storage space. it's a class action suit.
6:39 am
it says apple's claim that its iphones and ipads have 16 gigabytes of storage is misleading. that's because the operating system can take up to 6% of that storage. the suit is seeking to represent people who upgraded their devices as well as those who bought items with ios 8 pre- installed. 6:39 on this friday morning. a bay area airport now offering a new way to relax before you catch that flight out of town. how travelers can get a sense of zen before they take off. >> and the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the big board. it's up 116 points. >> keep it going. >> we'll be right back.
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good morning. happy friday. do you have weekend plans? how about the walnut creek on
6:43 am
ice? only two more weekends left to skate on ice. it will be 57 degrees on saturday in walnut creek. 60 degrees on sunday. 15 bucks will give you a really great time this weekend. >> think it's 29 in walnut creek right now. so that is a propos. our temperatures are in the 30s. that may seem cold but it's colder in new york for these crazy people. that's where thousands of people braved the weather all for a good cause yesterday. they seemed to be enjoying it. ninth annual coney island polar bear dip a benefit for camp sunshine for children with life- threatening illnesses. they raised a lot of money and didn't get sunburned. >> you have to have your head completely immersed. >> if you do it at polar dip, you have to go in. i do it in tahoe. you can't just dip your toe. you have to do that. time for what's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> yeah, norah o'donnell standing by on this friday with a peek at the big show. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and anne. there's a reason you did not see me in that file footage
6:44 am
video that you just saw. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i was not there. although i do support a worthy cause that they were doing it for. good morning to you guys, frank and anne. we are in indonesia with the new equipment crews are trying to use in rough weather trying to recover the black boxes of flight 8501. plus, only on "cbs this morning" we are going to talk with a mother getting national attention after she says united airlines embarrassed her special needs daughter on a flight! wait until you hear this story. and then a thrilling start to the college football play-offs system. we have the high loots of ohio state's huge upset over alabama, we have the highlights of the game. we'll see you at 7:00. >> we watched a little bit of football yesterday and it was all good. thank you, norah. have a great show. >> reporter: there was lots of football on. take care, guys. >> bet charlie enjoyed it, too. general motors is recalling thousands more vehicles because they may have faulty ignitions and could move out of start position causing the vehicles to stall and then prevent the airbags from deploying.
6:45 am
the latest recall involves more than 83,000 suvs and trucks 2011 and 2012 models. gm recalled millions of vehicles worldwide last year for ignition and key related issues. we are hearing from a new mother for the first time about her unexpected delivery on new year's eve. allison wasn't due until march so doctors gave her the go- ahead to travel with her husband to the bay area from their home in wisconsin. but on the flight home, she started feeling a little pain when they took off from sfo. >> i'm like no, i think i'll be just fine. you know? just a little back pain. i'll have them give me a pillow and got on the plane and took off and 30 minutes later my water broke. >> wow. there was luckily a pediatrician on board. he rushed to help out. and the pilot made an emergency landing in salt lake city where the son entered the world at 4 pounds 6 ounces. >> he should get free flights for life i think.
6:46 am
6:45. passengers flying out of oakland international airport got a new way to relax. christin ayers shows us the special room that's now available. reporter: from the long wardrobe change at the security checkpoint to the luggage haul near baggage claim, there are few things more stressful than holiday travel. >> we're flustered and we have our tickets and our bags and our handbags and our kids. >> reporter: but at oakland international airport, there is suddenly calm in the middle of the chaos. >> it's comfortable to me. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, this was just a drab gray hallway. now -- >> it's an experience zone. >> reporter: the first of its kind on the west coast complete with soft couches and a rotation of soothing images and sponsorships that cycle through large screens above the tsa line. >> i feel like i was in my living room. >> reporter: and those aren't the only changes. within a matter of weeks, signs like these will be replaced with directional speakers giving travelers the information they need. so no more blaring announcements like this. >> it's not as loud, which
6:47 am
helps the calming tone. >> reporter: the benefit an airport spokesman says is twofold: travelers get to relax and kickback. >> so i would enjoy it a lot. >> reporter: and research shows as a result, they move through security faster. a couple of weeks in and passengers are on board. >> as comfortable as you can in an airport. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and that remodel cost about a half million dollars. and oakland's sponsors picked up most of the tab. logan airport in boston you know what they did? they brought in rocking chairs. 150 rocking chairs and just kind of scattered them around the terminal. >> and they have a bedroom at sfo. >> got everyone just relaxing before the big flight. it is 13 minutes now before 7:00. >> okay. thanks, guys. we know now it is the end of the holiday season. we're officially seeing our first christmas tree debris blocking a lane of the freeway. tends to be the season at this time of the year when we see a lot of that christmas tree
6:48 am
debris falling and now in milpitas northbound 680 one lane is blocked at landis avenue. traffic is light around the bay area. so mass transit we got word from alameda harbor bay ferry that their 6:30 departure to san francisco is canceled so the flex departure is 7:30. slightly less service on vta and no service on "ace" train. you have to wait until monday for a normal commute schedule on "ace" train. here's a live look out the door. we are not seeing any major accidents or incidents. a little bit of debris around the bay area but other than that, san mateo bridge holding steady out of hayward no delay there. maybe you are heading to an area airport. if you are heading to oakland airport, problem-free from downtown all the way out past 6 high street. you can see that southbound traffic that's the headlights. taillights moving northbound clear into downtown, as well. if you are heading across the golden gate bridge, they have four southbound lanes now in
6:49 am
the commute direction. no weather-related advisories by the way for any bridges. so clear shot all the way from san rafael to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. we are not even seeing a backup in any of the cash lanes at the richmond/san rafael bridge coming out of the east bay into marin county. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." a very quiet day. not so much in the forecast. here's roberta. gather around the tv set. come on. get up and look at the tv set right now because you must take a look at this beautiful bird's- eye view of the bay bridge from our kpix 5 studios looking in an easterly direction towards the port of oakland where currently we have clear skies. it is crystal clear out there. and we will enjoy sunshine today but right now, it is frigid. it is below freezing. and we have just now dipped to 28 degrees in santa rosa. it's below freezing in livermore, san ramon, dublin and pleasanton. concord, clayton, walnut creek now 31 degrees. it's 34 in oakland. and 42 degrees which actually kind of sounds balmy now in san francisco. freeze warning, frost advisory until 9 a.m.
6:50 am
for all of these highlighted areas. it encompasses about the entire san francisco bay region even streaming into the santa clara valley. it looks like today we'll have a dry weather pattern set up all the way through the weekend and, in fact, all the way through wednesday and less wind which in turn means stagnant air quality. it's a "spare the air" day and i imagine we will see another "spare the air" day all the way through the weekend. next chance of rain to come into the bay area and wash out the haze that we will be experiencing will be on thursday. and that rain event primarily is focused on the north bay and we'll see minimal amounts of precipitation. but our january through march outlook according to our long- range computer models does suggest we have above average rainfall chances. i took a look at those models and it suggests that we should see 10 wet days in the month of january. so that's certainly good news. right now under the influence of high pressure it's a huge dome. it's strengthening as it does so we are going to see slight warming each and every day all the way through tuesday. meanwhile temperatures today
6:51 am
into the 50s across the central valley. it's currently 13 degrees on the south shore going up to a high of 51. it's 1 degree in truckee up to the upper 40s. 60 monterey bay. sunset tonight at 5:02. and by then we'll have realized temperatures into the 50s. the extended forecast does call for, wow, flat winds today northwest at 5 miles per hour. notice the 60s gradually building each day until we top off at 67 degrees with increasing clouds wednesday and then we have the rain on thursday. >> check out this view. drone technology is now being used to give a unique view of fireworks displays. this is video shot from a drone at a fireworks extravaganza in hong kong. they say there are two ways to watch fireworks stand at the shore or fly around inside the show. >> that technology, that's gorgeous. get used to these temperatures. we are going to check in on walnut creek. i think it's been 29 all
6:52 am
morning. they cannot get out of the deep freeze there. and much of the bay area the same. a little more on your forecast and more news coming your way right after the break.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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we have a new possible data breach to warn you about. chik-fil-a fast foods says it detected unusual activity in involving payment cards. it says it's working with law enforcement and cyber security experts. chik-fil-a says if there was indeed a breach, customers will not be responsible for fraught charges. five things to know at the :55. a big freeze warning up in much of the bay area. a lot of frosty cars out there even near the bay, by the way. there's a frost advisory, temperatures down into the 30s most places. things are expected to get warmer though over the weekend. >> police in east palo alto are trying to find the person who opened fire on officers early
6:56 am
yesterday morning. it happened while officers were checking reports of other shots fired. no one was hurt. but bullets did hit several cars and entered at least one house. and gas prices going up around the bay area. new "cap and trade" surcharge taking effect on new year's day. and all the gas sales for wholesalers the cost passed on to consumers. according to our check of some stations we are seeing a jump of at least 8 cents a gallon so far. the new surcharge will reduce pollution searchers recovered more bodies from the plane crash search scene in indonesia. 162 people were on board when an airasia crashed into the java sea. bad weather is continuing to hamper search efforts. the window is open for mavericks big surf competition near half moon bay and the san mateo coast. two dozen of the world's top surfers are waiting right now for the swell to look a lot like that right there. when they do, the call will go out and the wave riders will
6:57 am
have 24 hours to jump on a plane head to san mateo coast for the big event. so surf's up. wow. that was a big one. well, it's not mavericks, but surfers in russia are looking for the perfect wave in some mighty frigid conditions. there's snow on the ground off the eastern coast of russia and the water is just above freezing. and these guys are pretty special. >> or crazy. >> maybe a little crazy. >> got the wet suits on. they put grease on their faces to protect them from freezing. those are hard core surfers right there. >> they should come to california. let's hit the roads. see what's going on. a whole lot of nothing going on. a tweet saying traffic is looking great in contra costa county with no major problems. please drive safely. #chp. just so you know everyone has the day off. highway 4 is clear from antioch all the way into concord.
6:58 am
it continues that way on southbound 242 out of pleasant hill, concord, really all the way down to walnut creek. so the bay bridge toll plaza is clear. they never had to turn on the metering lights. i doubt they will even later in the morning commute. really unless we see a major incident happen at the bay bridge. you're pretty much probably good to go into san francisco for the next several hours. so here's a live look at the pay gates. obviously no delay there. and checking some other drive times around the east bay westbound 580 we also have not seen our usual delays or problem traffic through the livermore valley. only 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. it also looks good at the dublin grade. 880 near the airport everything is quiet. 16 minutes between 28 and the maze. and same thing on the eastshore freeway. what i have been noticing this morning is colder than yesterday at this hour but it's more widespread. more areas below freezing in fact at this hour, it is 30 degrees in san ramon. it's 29 in walnut creek. it's below freezing in
6:59 am
pleasanton, dublin, san ramon, livermore, blackhawk and danville. san jose 33. 32 willow glen. freezing in redwood city. freezing through san rafael and mill valley. 20s in santa rosa. it's frigid out the door that's why we have the freeze warning and a frost advisory in effect until 9 a.m. so you will encounter frost. no reports of airport delays. we'll have another "spare the air" day today with the gradual warning. your high temperatures today in the 50s. and the next chance of rain showers right here in the bay area will come on thursday, albeit very minimal precipitation. and basically this rain event will be focused on the north bay. but i county the days up on our long -- counted the days up on our long-range computer models and we should have 10 days of rain in the month of january especially at the end of the month. >> thanks for joining us and have a very happy friday ahead. live look in novato this morning. >> sunrise in novato.
7:00 am
enjoy your day and weekend, folks. we'll see you again at noontime. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday january 2nd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new year's storm pounds the southwest, moving east with snow and ice. >> tributes for former governor cuomo. we remember this giant voice in liberal politics. >> plus only on "cbs this morning" you'll hear from the mother who says united airlines ruined a trip by mistreating their special needs daughter. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> about 60% of the country still below freezing. >> winter storms from coast to coast. >> freezing rain across parts of texas into oklahoma. >> more than a foot o


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